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Hilde-Ulrichs-Stiftung für Parkinsonforschung

Entenfang 7
D-61197 Florstadt-Staden


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About the Hilde-Ulrichs-Stiftung für Parkinsonforschung

The Hilde-Ulrichs-Stiftung in Florstadt-Staden, Wetterau-Kreis, is nationwide an important contact point, where patients with Morbus Parkinson receive an independent consultation as well as considerable information on how to deal with this illness.  This foundation is the first private foundation in Germany which is supporting the non-drug method of treatment with Morbus Parkinson. One of the foundation activities is placing the Research Award worth to 10.000€ every two years.

Morbus Parkinson is a neurological illness. Cells are dying in the cerebellum or better said in the Substantia Nigra, which are producing dopamine. This lack of dopamine is resulting to the popular symptoms like as trembling, decreased capacity of movement by occasional stiffening of the limbs or loss of facial expression. The cause for dying of the cells is up to now not known in the most frequent forms of Parkinson. At present this illness cannot be cured yet. The therapy is thus limited by mitigating the consequences of the lack of dopamine.

Every year 10 to 20 thousand people are diagnosed with Morbus Parkinson. In about 10% of patients are younger than 40 by the time it is diagnosed. Since March 2014, a young woman with Parkinson is coordinating the national foundation activities focusing more on young patients in the future.

Foundation’s Board of the Hilde-Ulrichs-Stiftung für Parkinsonforschung

The foundation is member of Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen e.V. as well of  PARITÄTISCHEN WOHLFAHRTSVERBAND HESSEN. Our foundation is recognised as non-profit organization and that donations and membership fees are tax-deductible...

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